Monday, March 7, 2016

45 by 45

Today I start a new I've put off for WAY too long.

To eat clean.

This is a constant struggle for me. I love chips and salsa, cheesecake, Doritos and the like, but these things sure don't love me. And every single time I indulge - I feel terrible afterwards (I know, I know what should I expect --- garbage in, garbage out right?). The thing is, though, that when I have eaten clean, my palate actually changed and I began craving real food. My desire is to get there and stay there.

So today, I start anew. And it all begins with 100 days of Real Food. To see the plan I'm following, you can click here or visit Lisa Leake's blog,

I love her blog for a number of reasons:

  • She shares her story --- the journey her family took to eat clean.
  • The plan is clear and for those who aren't ready to make the 100-day commitment, there are many shorter challenges to get you started.
  • She has SO many recipes and meal plan ideas.
  • But most of all I know it's doable (especially after doing the Whole30 this past October).

All that to say....I'm turning 45 this year (how'd that happen?) and I'd love to lose 45 lbs. by then. I know I can do it. And so can you!

To jump start the challenge, I took a walk after dinner. Here's the beautiful sunset I was able to enjoy.

So I'm throwing the challenge out there. Who's with me? What are your health and fitness goals? I'd love to hear about them --- drop me a line in the comments!

So long for now ~

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  1. We have started the journey once again also! It's a never ending battle with food. We hope to change for good and not go back. I also will 45 this year and it's getting harder to move around. I purchased the Fitbit charge and I love it. My friends that also have a. Fitbit like to challenge each other which makes it interesting. I started with my Youngevity minerals which help the cravings. I am trying to be more consistent taking these because they truly help......Love your blog and I will be looking forward to more posts through your journey!